Am letzten Freitag fand im Potsdamer Yacht Club e. V. der Potsdamer Abend statt, der Anlass: Die Ehrung der jungen sowie älteren Sportler und Ergebnisse der organisierten Jugendarbeit des Clubs.

An der Stelle nochmals Glückwunsch an alle prämierten Sportler und 420er Segler. 

29. Januar 2024

IDJM 420er

At first we were in Schwerin for the first qualification regatta out of four for the Championships in 2024...tricky conditions and a lot of experiences for the sailors! Immediately after the award ceremony we made our way to Warnemünde to prepare for the international German youth championship of the 420s. Five days of training and four days regatta concluded this years climax. 

Now, with the gained experiences, the sailors and I know what we have to improve and focus on in training.

the next event is a training camp in Berlin at the end of October.


09. Oktober 2023