Greifswald training camp


It's been a pretty challenging week for everyone in Greifswald. Ilcas, Optis and 420s, so all boat classes of the Potsdamer Yacht Club were represented. Feedback was great and the sailors gained a lot from it: sailing, wakeboarding, sailing wasp, switching boat classes...but also hard early morning fitness as well as stretching.


Now back in Berlin for weekly training and some small regattas in preparation for the last two main events this fall

Flying over the water


For the last four days I have been in Kiel for a short sailing action with some good friends and coaches.


Weather was good and the wind was blasting...intense sailing with a lot of fun.


Faces that boat owners do on keelboats in the moment you fly by them is PRICELESS!

Melges 24 worlds in Denmark


Mads contacted me, asked if I have spare time to sail the worldchampionship in the Melges 24 with him and I answered: "Of course mate, I would love too!". After the call I packed my stuff and rushed so I could be one day after that in Denmark, Middelfart...pretty short termed but I think that makes us sailors! 
The Melges 24 is a keelboat which is sailed by four or five. Rigged up with a mainsail, one Jib and a not so small gennaker. 
The boatowner of the ship "Crazy Ivon"  was also our helm, Søren Blume Svendsen. Very experienced sportsman and totally generous. Then there was Johann as the Bowman, Mads was the sail trimmer, Caspar was the guy who brought the weight and strength, which was well needed. The tactics were done by myself. 

The Regatta was not easy for us and we were not quit happy with the end result but that's how it goes sometimes in Sailing.

Although that it was a new experience, I have made a lot of learnings and I appreciate the time we had in Denmark!

See you Soon!! Stay Sailing!!!